What is Polyurea and why do I need to know?

Polyurea is a versatile, durable, and long-lasting protective coating used in the construction and building industry. Polyurea was first developed in late 1980s. It was first used in the automotive industry. Polyurea coatings have been used in a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial applications over the years.

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What Is a Polyurea Coating?

Polyurea coatings consist of two components: a base component and a hardener. These coatings are formed from the chemical reaction between an isocyanate resin and an amine. Polyurea is rapidly reacted and must be applied quickly using the most advanced technology. Polyurea is one of the most durable protective materials available. It has an industry-leading strength. Polyurea can last up to 30 years if it is kept in a good environment with proper maintenance.

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What Are the Benefits of Polyurea Coatings?

Polyurea can be used to protect concrete floors, foundations, and roofs. It also protects truck beds, primary and secondary containment tanks, mining equipment and other valuable assets.

Highly Durable and Flexible 

Polyurea is stronger than traditional coating materials such as epoxy and polyurethane. Polyurea is flexible and can withstand both high and low temperatures. It can also be used year round, regardless of the weather. Polyurea is also resistant to high impacts, chemicals, and abrasions

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Easy to Clean and Maintain 

Polyurea is a flexible, durable, and hardy surface that can be cured once it has fully dried. It’s also easy to clean up and maintain. Polyurea can be used as a protective coating in food manufacturing or healthcare facilities. It is low-maintenance and can withstand power washing and sanitization.

Consistent Long-Lasting Results 

Polyurea coatings can be maintained and cleaned regularly to last for at least 30 years before they need to be replaced or repaired

Excellent Chemical Resistance 

Polyurea coatings are a quick-curing, flexible, protective barrier that stops water damage and other harmful chemicals from destroying any structure. Polyurea is resistant to petroleum-based or caustic chemicals.

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Strong Waterproofing Capabilities 

Polyurea can be used to waterproof a variety of structures such as concrete floors in garages and roofing systems, balconies, terraces or parking garages. Polyurea coatings can also be used to waterproof and protect polyurethane foam.

Environmentally Friendly

Polyurea is 100% solids without solvents or VOCs. This makes it more environmentally-friendly. Polyurea is completely safe for the environment, and poses no health risk to wildlife or humans during or after application.

Easy Application and Rapid Curing 

Polyurea can be evenly applied by using a multi-component spray system. The polyurea will cure within minutes after it has been applied to the surface. This reduces downtime for businesses, and the structure can be returned to use much quicker than any other protective waterproofing coatings.

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Polyurea Coatings from ArmorThane

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